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North Beach Bath Remodel

If your bathrooms are no longer functional or are out of date, you may want to consider getting a North Beach bath remodel service to upgrade them.

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With Bathroom Renovation, you don’t have to worry about your old bathrooms anymore. Our full-service bathroom renovation company can remodel you bathrooms to suit what you need and envision for the entire family. Our team can recommend the best shower and bathtub fixtures to achieve your ideal bathroom image and install them in record time, all at an affordable rate. Once we finish our work, you will be amazed at how functional, modern, and luxurious your bathrooms can be.

Our team is also one of the best bath remodeling companies in the area, and many clients love our personalized service and high-quality bathtubs, showers, bathroom tiles, and accessories that are durable enough to remain pristine even though your bathrooms are used every day.

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New Bathtub Installation

Are you considering adding a bathtub in your current bath space? If that is a yes, our company can help you plan, select and install the best bathtub setup for your family.

bathroom remodelBathtub installations don’t require a lot of money or time to complete if you pick the best team to handle the job for you. With Bathroom Renovation, you can be assured that your investment is worth it because our services not only cover helping you pick the best bathtubs for your bath remodel but also install them expertly. It is our mission to provide each bath remodel client service that won’t give them a lot of stress and bathrooms they are happy with for a long time.

We use durable acrylic for our bathtubs, shower pans, and bathroom tiles because it is resistant to chipping, mold and mildew build-up, and other related bathroom issues. We can also work with other materials if you want a certain style for your bathrooms. Let us know what your ideal bathroom image is, and we’ll get our team to make it a reality.

Tub Wall Surrounds

To keep your bathrooms stylish and efficient, we make sure that the walls also get an upgrade to match your new setup. We will add attractive, durable, and functional shower or tub wall surrounds to protect the rest of the bathroom from possible damage caused by moisture, mold, and mildew.

For these tub surrounds, we only use durable acrylic that is available in any style and color to match the bathtub you are using. They will be installed using advanced techniques that won’t require the use of grout, which is more efficient in reducing fungal growth and installation issues.

Bath Conversions & Accessibility Features

If your current bathroom arrangement doesn’t work for you, our North Beach bath remodel service can also do shower-to-bath or bath-to-shower conversions. Like our other services, we do one-day bath conversions that are customized to match your bathroom’s overall style. We have a catalog of great bathtubs, shower pans, and bathroom tiles, and we have the expert bathroom renovation team that can make it all happen in one day.

North Beach Bath Remodel step thru tub insert 300x200If you are looking for a company that can add accessibility features to your baths, you can trust Bathroom Renovation. Call us to talk about your bathroom renovation project and let us know what special needs you and your family members have for their safety and comfort. We can install low- or no-barrier shower pans, shower doors, grab bars, benches, walk-in tubs, and many other features to accommodate everyone’s needs. You won’t have to worry about maintaining these additional features because, just like our bath setups, they are made from durable materials that resist chipping, fading, and mold growth.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Don’t book a North Beach bath remodel company that needs weeks or months to finish your bathroom renovation for you. At Bathroom Renovation, you can achieve your dream bathroom without breaking your bank in just one day.

Our North Beach, MD bath remodel team will sit down with you to find out what you want for your bathroom’s style and function, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your needs and requirements matter to us, and when we are done with your bathroom, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Call Bathroom Renovation at (301) 679-7772 for your Free Consultation with a Bath Remodel Expert!


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