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Oxon Hill Shower Replacement

Every home needs a functional, hygienic, and safe shower area to relax in. If you’ve been using yours for a long time, chances are it has already acquired some damage and other issues that need either repairing or updating.

accessible bathroom and shower remodelBathroom Renovation is an expert provider of Oxon Hill shower replacement services that cater to all sorts of replacement purposes. Our team is trained and equipped to evaluate your current shower space and create a replacement plan that will boost its appearance, functionality, and safety features.

If you think that your shower doesn’t meet your needs anymore, we will gladly provide an effective solution to your problem. Based on your lifestyle, design preference, and desired luxury, accessibility, and safety features, we can create the most efficient and cost-effective project plan that will turn your old shower into one that satisfies you the most within the shortest possible time.

Are you worried about your budget? Talk to our shower replacement experts and get to know all the available options that fit your budget!

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Fast, Affordable Shower Replacement

As a trusted Oxon Hill shower replacement service provider, Bathroom Renovation makes sure that all our projects will be done in just one day. We know that as much as you want to have your dream shower perfected, you also need to use it as soon as possible. This is why we strive to execute a shower replacement plan that will save both time and money.

new bathtub installationWith our service, you wouldn’t have to worry about long days of inconvenience. Once we’ve been through the free initial consultation, we can immediately carry out an onsite evaluation to understand what you need and combine your ideas with our expert recommendations to develop the best shower replacement plan for you.

Once you’ve approved our proposed plan, you can then enjoy your safer, more stylish and comfortable shower as early as day one. Our swiftness in reconstructing your shower is as impressive as the quality of our work—polished to perfection in every design, measurement, cut, and installation. Our goal is to satisfy each of our clients with functional shower areas that complement their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Even better, we customize our shower replacement plans to fit within your budget without compromising quality and durability.

Functional Shower Conversions

Like many of us, you may be living a fast-paced lifestyle that doesn’t give you the luxury to frequently soak in a bubble bath with a nice glass of red wine and scented candles. Maybe what you need is a more spacious shower to make your shower time more comfortable and enjoyable.

Oxon Hill Shower Replacement custom shower remodel 300x220Bathroom Renovation can always convert your old tubs into a shower that features all the functions that fit your daily needs. We can maximize your shower space with a shower pan installation, along with shower doors, bathroom tiles, and any needed racks, benches, and grab bars to provide you with a more convenient, safer, and smoother shower experience.

Our team can customize a shower conversion plan that will fully address your needs as well as those of your shower’s other users.

Or, if you want, we can even convert your old shower into a brand-new, relaxing bathtub. We know that as much as there are people who prefer quick showers, there are also people who revel in the comfort of a warm bath in longer periods. Bathroom Renovation can always install a well-designed bathtub and turn your bathroom into a relaxing refuge.

We can add every feature that you want in your tub. From the most common and practical to those luxurious extra features, our team won’t have any problem in seamlessly incorporating it into your stylish, high-quality bathtub. We can even provide you with water jets for your own spa-like experience right in the comfort of your very home.

Accessible Shower Updates

As an esteemed provider of Oxon Hill shower replacement services, Bathroom Renovation makes sure that we satisfy every client and all the household members that will be using our showers.

step-thru bathtubOur tried-and-true method includes the careful planning of how your shower will look and function. All its details will be finalized based on every user’s needs, especially when it comes to the safety and accessibility of the shower area. If you have children, elders, and people with restricted mobility within your household, we will strive to make your shower as accessible as possible for everyone. Barrier-free showers are our most recommended layout for this case, reducing the risk of trips and falls.

Aside from securing a convenient way in and out of your shower area, we can also install added features to truly advance the safety of your bathroom. We offer a wide array of shower accessories from which you could choose. Shower benches, grab bars, anti-scalding faucets, hand-held showerheads—we can provide all of them and more!

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Your shower serves as more than just a place where you clean yourself. For some, it provides the space and time to think and reflect, allowing them to compose themselves and plan their next actions. For others, it is simply a place to relax after hours of hard work.

Regardless of how you use your shower, it’s arguably one of the most used spaces in your home, making it deserving of a small investment to make it more hygienic, functional, and safe for everyone to use. If you already see damage to your shower or you want to upgrade its features for a more safe and satisfying experience, Bathroom Renovation is here to offer you cost-effective solutions!

Want to have a better shower but don’t know where to start? Our Oxon Hillshower replacement experts can give you advice and help you plan for that.

Call Bathroom Renovation at (301) 679-7772 for your Free Consultation with a Shower Replacement Expert!


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