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White Plains Shower Installation

There’s not a single person in your home that doesn’t use the shower. From the youngest to the eldest, everyone has their needs that should be considered when planning for a shower installation project.

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At Bathroom Renovation, we offer White Plains shower installation services that are customizable to fit every family’s needs and lifestyle. From safety accessories to luxurious features, every detail of your shower will be meticulously completed by our professional installation team in just one day.

Whether you want a safer shower area for the elderly in your home or an easily accessible shower for a family member who uses a wheelchair, our team has the skills and equipment to install your dream shower with efficiency and outstanding craftsmanship. Every essential shower function will be perfected in a cost- and energy-efficient way without foregoing the whole room’s aesthetics.

If you want a functional, safe, comfortable, and stylish shower area that utilizes nothing less than top-grade materials, Bathroom Renovation is more than ready to achieve it for you. Talk to our shower installation experts today and get ready to enjoy your completed shower in just one day!

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Wide Shower Entrance

More than just looking great, your shower should be safe for everyone who will use it. For the sake of your kids, elders, and family members with restricted mobility, you can opt for a wide-entrance shower to reduce the risk of anyone falling.

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With our White Plains shower installation services, we offer a lot of aesthetically pleasing shower designs that feature wide and barrier-free entrances. Besides ensuring that it will match your visual standards, we propose shower layouts that everyone can safely navigate regardless of their mobility level.

Our team can provide you with barrier-free showers for convenient entrances and exits, even for those who use wheelchairs to move around. We also offer shower plan installation wide enough to allow a care giver to enter if anyone in your family needs assistance while showering.

We will add shower doors, grab bars, and shower benches to ensure everyone’s safety.

Handheld Shower Head

Not everyone would prefer to stand for long in the same place while taking a shower. Sometimes, it would be nice to just down and control where the water would drip down your body. If this type of convenience sounds nice to you, installing handheld showerheads will be a good choice for your bathroom.

walk in tub hand held shower headWith this feature, you will be free to move the water around your body. You can even sit on the shower bench without losing the feeling of water cascading down your body.

More than convenience, this feature is important for the added safety of shower users with injuries, joint pains, arthritis, and other reasons that make standing too long difficult.

Shower Control Panel

With a shower control panel, you can control the entire experience you’ll get in the shower.

new remodeled bathtub installationDepending on your desired type and needs, you can have either an electric, digital, or smart shower control panel. Whichever you choose, you will get to use it in controlling the temperate and pressure of the water, among many other functions.

Based on your needs and those of your household members, we will install your shower control panel in the most convenient location possible. We will ensure that both kids and those without maximum mobility can easily reach and access the panel.

Easy to Reach Storage

Easy-to-reach bath essentials are an important factor for a comfortable and enjoyable shower experience. We can help you identify the most strategic places to place your racks and cabinets, providing convenience while effectively maximizing your space.

The lowest racks should be used for things that are both safe and important for all users, even for children. Higher cabinets, on the other hand, should be used for razors, first aid kits, and other adult stuff that are not suitable for children.

Apart from accessibility, Bathroom Renovation can also make your shower more stylish and modern-looking by expertly designing and installing your storage. We will also maximize every space that you have and make your shower look bigger than it really is, ensuring, of course, that it is as visually appealing as you expect it to be.

Anti-Scalding Device

Unknown to many, a sudden change in the water pressure can scald you after just three seconds under high-temperature water, making it too dangerous for those with slower reflexes.

To keep this from happening to you or your family, you might want to install an anti-scalding device and put your mind at ease. With this added feature, you won’t have to worry even if someone suddenly turns the washing machine on or flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower. The anti-scalding device would immediately make the necessary adjustments whenever the cold-water pressure drops, stopping the water from increasing its temperature up to a dangerous level.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

Tripping, slipping, and falling off balance are pretty common incidents in the bathroom and can be very dangerous.

White Plains Shower Installation new shower installation 300x192Whenever kids and older family members take a shower, this particular misfortune can be a cause of worry. To avoid possible accidents in the future, installing non-slippery flooring in your shower will be a great choice.

Bathroom Renovation has a wide flooring selection. From effective non-slip flooring treatments to durable non-slip vinyl flooring, you can make your shower safer for everyone while still upholding the style that you fancy.

Adjustable Lighting

The brightness tolerance of each person varies. While some may prefer to have a brightly lit bathroom, others may opt for a less glaring light while taking a shower. In order not to overwhelm anyone or leave anyone in the dark, installing adjustable lighting can make the shower experience just right for every user.

Our White Plains shower installation experts can help you choose what type of light will be best for your shower considering your needs and budget. From its shape to its color, we will guide you in choosing the best material and design without spending a lot.


Mirrors are an important component of a bathroom. Grooming yourself cannot be perfected without glancing at a mirror, making sure that everything is in the right place and that you’ve achieved your desired look.

Due to moisture and temperature changes, though, mirrors may fog up or allow mold or mildew to collect on the wall behind them, dampening your overall shower experience. Placing your bathroom mirror on the wall just over your counter or any surface away from the steam of the shower will be a good move.

Heat Lamps

For a focused source of heat and additional light, heat lamps can also be installed in your shower area to keep the chill away. Heat lamps are cost-effective way to regulate the temperature in your bathroom, especially during winter.

custom shower renovationWhen it comes to energy efficiency, heat lamps are better than other instant sources of heat. They come in various styles: recessed, free-standing, wall-mounted, or even in combination with an exhaust fan to promote proper ventilation.

Heat lamps can be installed on the ceiling over where you step out from the shower, but they are best kept away from the racks where you hang towels and clothes to prevent fire. Even you should not stand too close to a heat lamp since it can burn your skin through overexposure.

Regardless of the fixture you want to incorporate in your shower area, Bathroom Renovation can install it with precision and expertise. Not sure what you’ll get? Tell us all about your lifestyle, and we can help you plan for the rest!

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Do you need a White Plains shower installation service company but don’t know who to call? Your search is over!

Bathroom Renovation has already served a lot of local households with safe, functional, comfortable, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing showers. Our swift yet accurate method has satisfied all of our previous clients, and we’re confident that it could satisfy you as well. With our state-of-the-art equipment, shower installation expertise, and dedication to seeing each of our clients happy, we guarantee a bathroom renovation that you will never regret.

If you want your dream shower to become a reality in as fast as one day, we are the right partner to talk to!

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